Financial Accounting

This service involves extracting information from your bookkeeping records in order to compile various reports. These can be for your own records, as well as for sending to HMRC and, if necessary, Companies House.


VAT Returns

If you’re looking for help with VAT, North Staffs Accounting are here to help, from up-to-date information on changes since Brexit (if you're an importer), to helping you claim bac...  more  

Tax Returns

Did you know that, if you’re a sole trader or partnership, when you sign up to a 12-month contract with us, we will prepare and submit your self-assessments for you, free of charge...  more  

Tax Planning

Tax, there’s no getting away from it, but why pay more than you owe? We can help.  more  


At North Staffs Accounting, we can offer a Payroll Service, including Payslips and notifying you of the deductions you must pay to HMRC.  more